The Metal Command

Jym Harris

THE METAL COMMAND - January 2018 Happy New Year Headbangers! When people tell me to have a happy new year, I want to tell them "don't tell me what kind of year to have! You're not the boss of me!" Anyway... 2018 is gonna be huge for me. Not only am I returning to the airwaves after a several week hiatus (The Metal Mixtape is back in January!), I'm singing for CRUELLA and we are doing some select live dates (more on that later), AND I'll be playing live in May with BLOODMOON WARNING at both Brewfest and Boatnik in GP (keep an ear out for more info about that)... Special thanks to my buddy Tim Low for hooking that up! January is kicking off with an all ager at the Bamboo Room (if you forgot, that's in Medford's King Wah) and the bands playing are Medford's own SOURCE OF ALL SORROWS (who have recently finished their new EP), local boys DOVES & VULTURES, plus touring acts MANDALA and ALBERT THE CANNIBAL. If you heard rumors that BEARS AMONG MEN are coming too, it's not true. They were originally booked to headline, but had to cancel this date which falls on Thurday the 4th. Next up is show at the Haul in Grants Pass featuring MONARCH and COLOR. That goes down on the 12th. STOIC and SOUTHWEST ROYAL (featuring members of SOURCE OF ALL SORROWS) will be at the Bamboo Room on the 18th, then the next night THE HOLLOWBODYS are rocking Howiee's again with the hilariously named THE KEGELS. Not sure how I've never heard of a band called that before. Again, that's the 19th. Johnny B's in Meford has a cool 21+ punk gig on Monday the 22nd featuring SOMETHING ON THE WING from Yreka, THE DODGES from San Diego, GOA from South Lake Tahoe and an acoustic act called HORRID BORRIS opening. Again at the Bamboo Room, the Beanie Brigade brings you BORN WITHOUT BONES (another great name) plus FOSSIL YOUTH and a local acoutic solo artist known as KATHARTICA on the 24th. Finally, there's a show I'm putting on (again at the Bamboo Room) featuring a French Hard Rock act called APPALOOZA (look 'em up - quite decent), HOSTILE from Texas, the Rogue Valley's most Brootal act VOMITTFACE, and my friends in WARRIORS OF LIGHT are returning for their debut performance featuring their newest lineup! If you don't remember, that's a Christain Hard Rock band with BLOODMOON WARNING's Bobby Real on guitar and vocals! Send your prayers because he's been having a tough time fighting pneumonia this winter. It all happens on Sunday the 28th. That's all I've got for ya now, so until next time, Headbangers... STAY HEAVY.